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A short guide for locating your piano teacher in Jerusalem. Finding a piano teacher can be quite a challenge in any major city and not because of no teachers available.. I know many musicians teaching piano in Jerusalem while it's not their major profession and expertise. The best thing probably would be asking some friends around but it needs also some luck. Most of students will prefer a local teacher other than traveling far. In Jerusalem central neighborhoods like Rechavia or Nachlaot there are many music students offering piano classes. Choosing a young piano teacher may disappoint later if finding that your teacher is unsteady with their lives – disappearing for periods, moving to Tel Aviv on a short notice etc. I strongly recommend to take a demo lesson before making any long term commitment, not only for experiencing the professional skills, but also – not less important – to feel the personal interaction with the teacher. This interaction can be very important for later success and joy of the study.

Another popular genre among young people these days is the "vocal training" combined with instrumental. "The singer performer". To be honest – any of these fields should be mastered separately and I don’t recommend any shortcut on these specialties.

Last issue should be dealing with the studies program. For a good, professional music your teacher should build for you a personal work plan that will look at least one year forward and fit your needs and ambitions

I hope I gave here some insights and please feel free to consult and ,make any inquiry regarding music lessons, It is part of my job in life and in community to connect people with a good and inspiring music educators. Our professional net includes flute teachers, Violin teachers, Guitar teachers as well as vocal training teachers.

Yours, Gilad Norbau

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